Triple Crown


by KJ

First the brunettes. One came aboard with him, quickly outranked and definitely out classed- in the end dead. There were others, aliens mostly, but they couldn?t stand up. The grasshopper turned ugly, a bad intergalactic match-too fluid, she never stood a chance.

There were blondes. One hunted him down, professed her love, but somehow they found her-subspace message? Memory loss. The doctor was dangerous, blonde, smart and cunning-almost a challenge. Borg. The third was young, intelligent and built-better wired than the alcove?short circuit.

A redhead. Always in charge, the choice was hers, intelligent, cunning, classy, dangerous- the sole survivor.


by Anne Rose

"Hail to... all?" Tom looked Pensive as the Display filled with Fleet's Vanguard Phalanx of ships on the Lookout for Borg, not their Vagrant Peter Pan Bounding Home. A Pleasant almost Whimsical smile graced the Charismatic captain's face.

The Gallant Man, former Crusader, and now first Mate at her elbow had no Regret as he paused to Ponder the Genuine Risk of their Mad Play, a Counterpoint to the Unbridled helmsman's Bubbling Over Personality.

"Your Commendable crew's Spectacular Bid Affirmed you'll receive Fleet's Plaudit not the Pillory. We'll discuss your Bold Venture over Whiskey."

"Actually, Admiral, I Go for Gin."


by Kim

The rooms are identical. Thanks to Starfleet Ship Design, the furniture is bolted to the floor so the layout is the same. The same color walls, the same color carpeting, the same everything? all right, the replicator seems to work better here. I could find my way around in the dark here easily. The same sounds of recycled air, the same creaks and groans of the walls when the ship changes course, the identical summons when the Bridge calls?

So why is it that I feel so much worse in my own quarters than I do here in Chakotay?s room?


by Kim

To: Captain Kathryn Janeway NCC-74656

From: Fleet Quartermaster

RE: Refund

The final quartermaster tally of NCC-74656 Voyager has been completed. Records have been correlated and compared to Voyager?s ship's log to determine exact amount of Starfleet material that has been depleted during your last mission.

A list of determined to be lost but considered expendable by SFQMO materials is attached. As this is primarily for our statistical research, we would appreciate a speedy response so that we can better supply ships that will undertake future similar missions.

Your security deposit will be refunded upon receipt of your report.

But?twenty-five shuttles?


by Kim

She?d sat waiting at her ready room desk until Tuvok and Chakotay finally convinced her to retire for the night (read: threw her out of her own office.) Now she put her head down on her arms, still waiting for news. She?d pressed the refresh button on her PADD so many times that her finger hurt, but she would not end her vigil until she?d gotten what she wanted - what she needed. When it finally arrived, she was wired from exhaustion, but at last, it arrived. She now had the rations to have her first cup of coffee this week.


by Kim

The officer stood in front of her, PADD in hand, requesting and recording information in a precise manner before calling his superiors. Janeway controlled her frustration, but Chakotay knew the signs.

The silence grew as the officer awaited the reply from headquarters. Janeway fumed, Harry fidgeted, and Chakotay sat in the pilot?s seat, drumming his fingers. The beloved blue orb on their screen was there, after so many years, it was within reach -

Clearance received, the officer handed the PADD to the Captain. ?Keep it under warp one, Captain. Here?s the date and time for your hearing in Traffic Court??

Gallant Man

by Kim

Chakotay looked at Seven of Nine. He looked at Kathryn Janeway.

The ultimatum had been given. He had to choose - but how could he? He?d spent so many years pining for one who never could or would commit. When the opportunity to find a new life with the other arose, he hadn't been fool enough to hold on to what amounted to a dead horse.

He suspected that Q had manipulated this entire situation for the Continuum?s amusement.

He turned from one angry face to the other, and made his decision.

?You?ll have to fight it out. Winner takes all.?


by Kim

?You?ll just have to fight it out. Winner takes all.?

Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine stared at him.

?I do not understand,? Seven said. ?Fight? Over you??

?Is this some sort of spiritual ritual, Chakotay? Did your spirit guide tell you to do this??


Kathryn pulled out her trusty phase rifle. Seven?s tubules extended.

Chakotay grinned. Years of dreams were about to come true.

The women?s eyes locked, each searching the other for signs of weakness.

?My tubules?? said Seven, her tone threatening.

?My rifle has greater range?? Kathryn replied, equally ominous.

Seven nodded.

So Kathryn shot Chakotay.

Behave Yourself

by Dakota

Kathryn moved slowly toward Chakotay never taking her eyes off his. Her sensual smile told him more than he wanted to know at the moment. He loved her in this mood but today her timing was less than stellar. Her fingertips ran up his arm and across his chest. Her palm paused briefly over his pounding heart before moving slowly lower. Chakotay snapped his hand on her wrist.

"Not now, Captain."

"Why not, Chakotay?" Kathryn practically purred.

Chakotay glanced around the bridge knowing every eye was on her hand. "Our shift ends in ten minute. Behave yourself until we're relieved."

Easy Goer

by Dakota

She stared at the sky where she knew Voyager had orbited only a few hours earlier wishing the ship would return but knowing it would not. She would miss him ? his smile and sultry voice, the touch of his hand. Sighing she turned back to her shelter knowing she would keep his memory with her.

"He's gone, Riley."

"I know. It's not easy watching him leave."

"I'm surprised you would say that."

Riley turned a puzzled face to her friend. "I cared about him. Why do you think it would be easy to let him go?"

"Easy come, easy go."

Gato Del Sol

by Dakota

Chakotay sighed as he looked out at the pounding waves of the ocean against jagged rocks. The day had been overcast and the gusting wind was chilly but Kathryn had insisted on wandering the barren beach.

Chakotay studied Kathryn where she sat next to him on the rock. Then the sun broke through the clouds. She smiled as the light struck her face and turned to face the fleeting rays. Pulling her hand from his, she stood and stretched. Chakotay decided she was like a cat enjoying the sun.

She moved closer to whisper in his ear. "You're my sunshine."

Real Quiet

by KJ

Kathryn discarded her uniform as she tiptoed into the darkened bedroom. Late shifts always made her lonely, coming home to the silence. Through the viewport, the stars cast a slivery glow on the figure curled on the bed, his back to her. So peaceful, so very inviting, she felt the tug on her heart as she always did when she first saw him.

She gently kissed he shoulder, peeking over to see what made her heart melt. Curled in his arms, snuggled tightly against his chest, tiny and perfect was the ultimate symbol of their love. Quietly she joined them.


by KJ

She didn?t like the looks of this one from the start; blonde, intelligent and powerful, a force to be reckoned with, carefully.

He brought her to the briefing room, stood silently while she presented her case. Kathryn didn?t need to be a telepath to see his guilt. The blonde had none.

"Dismissed Commander, Dr Frazier and I will work this out."

He glanced from on to the other before exiting.

"I hold his heart." Kathryn declared.

"I hold his mind." Riley countered.

"I could destroy you."

"I could destroy him."

"Captain to the bridge, prepare to activate the Borg generator."