Welcome to my Roswell Soundtrack Page

I like to make mix tapes, burn CDs, and do other such things, so I've made a few Roswell soundtracks in the past year or so. Here's where I share them with the world. If you've got your own soundtrack, or just an idea for one, don't hesitate to email me with it and I'll put it up here too.

Most of these last around 60 minutes. Unless otherwise noted, all track listings will take you to the corresponding Roswell MP3 page where you can download the song. I am in great debt to that site, so hang around there for a while.

Thanks to Dani for the brand new fanarts for the CD covers.

SPECIAL IMPORTANT IT'S-ABOUT-DAMN-TIME NOTE: An official "Roswell" soundtrack has now been released. This, unfortunately, is not the place to get information on it. This is.


(Season One, Season Two)


(Max/Liz, Michael/Maria)


(Tess mix, Alex mix, instrumental mix)


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