Mighty Big TV Presents - Roswell Survivor!

Created by Jeannette and Julie25

What if New Mexico's favorite humans, aliens, Skins, dupes, FBI agents, parents, and executive producer all ended up on Survivor? Who would be the first voted off? Who would win the grand prize? Exactly how many would get it on with multiple partners (or just with themselves)? How many wouldn't live to see the end? And can we throw in a Shannon Doherty guest appearance? And a monkey? And a whole lot of gay love trysts?

Yes, it's one of Mighty Big TV Roswell's most hee-larious forum threads, finally with a website home. It's all here: The search for Kyle in the woods! The loss of Liz's virginity! Courtney's skin problems! Alex's ghost! Eddie's whistle! Lonnie's WonderWand! Roadkill Room karaoke! The Urethra Monologues! And the unspeakable fanfics to boot... This is Roswell-Survivor: Mighty Big TV Style.

Cast and Credits (Who! Is! Responsible!)
The Tribe Members and Their Luxury Items
Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Round Four
Round Five and Six
Round Seven and Eight
The. Fanfic. Challenge.
Round Nine
The Merger! (two tribes become one)
Round Ten and Eleven
When We Lost Track Of The Rounds (and by "we", I mean "I")
The Tribe Dwindles
The Tribe Continues To Dwindle
We Really Milked This Little Game, Didn't We?
The Questions, Part One (the final two survivors answer to some faces from the past)
The Questions, Part Two
The Winner (plus a look ahead)


This Role Playing Game originally appeared on the Mighty Big TV Roswell Forums. It has been archived here with permission.


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