Stopping By Threads On A Screwy Evening by Nicole Anell

Rating: G
Disclaimer: blah humbug
Author's Notes: I wrote this on one of those late night giddy highs. It's my little homage to Fan Forum (don't even bother reading this if you're not familiar with the FF terms) and two writers (Robert Frost and Jason Katims - one of whom has, y'know, talent!)
Obviously this was inspired by "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" which can be found here.
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Whose owns these threads I think I know
Their home is with the Dreamers though
They may mind if I stop right here
To watch the flames before I go

My online friends might think it queer
To stop without a Rebel near
Here on the 21st of May
The darkest evening of the year

I'm all alone yelling "no way"
While all the meanies shout hooray
The gerbil slut's out of their hair
And I'm feeling violent toward JK

I know as a Donor I should join their lair
But I've got Hussy love to spare
And miles to go before I care
And miles to go before I care


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