This is a round-robin fanfic series created by the very-strange-and-that's-why-I-heart-her Lavinia Malfoy. Four powerful students from a supernatural university wake up in the television show Roswell and hijinks ensue. This fic contains strong language.

Welcome to Starchild University - some background

Non-Roswell Characters

Disclaimer - read before you flame


Chapter 1 - Risa

Chapter 2 - Bennie

Chapter 3 - Bart

Chapter 4 - Anil

Chapter 5 - Risa

Chapter 6 - Max

Chapter 7 - Risa


Lavinia Malfoy (editor, Risa, Anil, Bart)
Nicole Anell (Kyle, Alex)
Cait (Max, Liz, Michael)
*Adara* (Bennie, Tess)
Danielle (Isabel)
Honey sugar (Maria)


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