Welcome to Starchild University, where nothing is as it seems and going to school is a totally different experience. Where the kids who are popular are normal schools are the outcasts and the freaks and outsiders in the real world are finally given the chance to shine.

There are three types of students at this school: Starchildren, the highest and most elite of students; Faders, the in between fringe kids with nothing much to offer; and finally, the Normals. The average Joes who’d get worshipped at any other school. The football heroes, the cheerleaders and the drama queens, etc... All kids are given admission based on a series of test given to determine the level of ESP these kids have. If they have an extraordinary level of ESP, as well as a certain DNA pattern, they are Starchildren, the highest and most elite of all students at the university. If their levels are average to low, then they are faders and pretty much float through school. They get the mandatory amount of attention required for them to control their powers. If they have absolutely no ESP level whatsoever, they are let in as Normals, but only so they can fill their affirmative action quota (they don’t want to appear to be bigots). In reality, these kids are looked upon with disdain and practically spit on by the other kids. They’re all enticed by scholarships and financial aid, but they don’t get too much of an education. They’re put in general classes with a barely minimum passing quality class. They’re hardly even supervised. The school has a lot of prejudice and hatred running among its students. The Starchildren are taught to think of themselves as the royalty of the school and that everyone else is a nobody, except perhaps the faders, who are basically their fan club. They despise normal people who can’t do telekinesis, spontaneously set things on fire by accident, or other psychic phenomenon. They are all part of the school’s secret society.

The secret society funds the school and pretty much controls everything. They’re similar to the Freemasons and the Illuminati. The kids are raised to believe that this is their destiny that the eventual rise of their kind and the fall of the Normals is fate and are confident that they’ll win. The society is very well connected, with the current president being one of their organizations. They have many chairs in the U.N., as well as owning about 80 percent of the media. The Normal kid and the Faders have no idea why they’re really here. The Faders think they’re here to learn how to control their powers and perhaps do some good with them. The Normals think it’s just a college. They do notice the racism and the fact that "those kids from that stupid sorority/fraternity always get everything". Because of the fact that this school specializes in dealing with kids who have supernatural gifts, everyone on campus reads and watches all books, movies and television shows that have to do with the supernatural and possibly aliens.

Roswell is the most popular, being watched by everyone on campus. It is followed in close second by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dark angel was in Third. Place after Roswell’s second season ended, Smallville slowly began to take its place. However, all students were still required to watch Roswell, at least for the class on dissecting teen television. The Society was founded based on the belief that A long time ago, "Superior Beings" came to Earth and colonized the planet for some time. Eventually they went back to their original homes, but not after leaving entire towns colonized with their offspring, as well as the mates they had settled down with. It was believed that over time, their children married humans or half-human like themselves. As a result, the bloodlines were diluted. They eventually became completely human, but their powers remained as a genetic feature. A Smaller number of the half-humans only married their kind, keeping the bloodlines relatively intact. This group is the most powerful.

So come on In and join us. We’re not so bad, once you get to know us. Unless of course, you’re a Normal...


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