This is pure fiction. Any resemblances to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

While the characters in this fic are fictional, four real people are still writing them. All views and opinions presented are real, raw and as un-pc as you can get. This doesn't mean we're Racist, Elitist, or Homophobes. On the contrary, we're quite the opposite. We're...UC Shippers. All ships shall be mocked. All characters will be slapped. All Cast Rumors, plotholes and psychological problems will be brought to light. More importantly Max Evans will be slapped.

I don't own Roswell. (Ye gods. If I did, the second season would have been its last and it would have ended better, too.) The Cast of Roswell Belongs to Katims. However, I own Starchild University and all characters that go with it. I'm not Anti-American, but since most of the main characters are minorities, there will be frustration vented against being a minority, etc... and cultural issues.

September 11th is only mentioned in the story because to not mention it when talking about how different the world is in 2003 would be ridiculous, since it was such a huge deal.

If anything else is offensive, I apologize in advance. This fic is an experiment in fanfiction and a way for fans to vent their frustrations about the show. If the characters vent their frustrations, then it's to vent that as well. It's mostly supposed to be a comedy, but it's also a way for fans to tell the characters how they feel and to complain about the show in a way they havenít been able to do before.

- Lavinia


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