The Isabel of the group. Bitchy, intelligent, snobby, perfectionistic and ruthless, but at the same time, a loyal friend and passionate person, she adores Bart and doesn't want him to *ever* get in trouble, no matter how much she scolds him. She is engaged to Anil and they're doing ok so far, but since she met Nick, she's been unable to forget him. She's friends with Bennie from their old school and she looks to her for advice, despite their age difference.


The Michael of the group.Risa's Ex-love and soulmate. Arrogrant, cold and mercenary, he'll do whatever it takes to acheive his ends. The women in his life are his only soft spot. He seems stupid at first, but it's a mask he uses to hide the fact that he's a cold-blooded killer who has no qualms about torturing innocent people at his master's bidding. He'll do anything for the people he *does* care for. He severely dislikes Anil for making Risa into someone he doesn't recognize.


The Tess of the group. She's the youngest and she's really flaky and weird. She has a lot of attitude and says things she shouldn't say. She's kinda dense, yet incredibly perceptive and smart. She hates Anil because she thinks he's too "vanilla" for her friend. She's still nice to him for Risa's sake, since Risa is happy.


The Max of the group. Superficial,Smart, Perverted and Sexist. he's very traditional and was raised to be a yuppie. He really wants to get with Risa and is frustrated by cultural mandates which forbid them to have sex until they get married. He thinks of her as an ABCD(American-Born Confused Desi(Desi means Indian person) and shrugs her off as some spoiled American girl who doesn't know anything about her culture or how to be Indian, but yet finds himself drawn to her nonetheless. They've been happy until the recent arrival for his American ex-girlfriend. He still loves his ex,but he knows he can't marry her,nor does he want to. She doesn't meet his image of what a trophy wife should be. He appears shallow and judgemental on the surface, but he cares about Risa more than she knows. He just doesn't know how to let go of his preconcieved notions. He's determined to show her where she actually belongs.


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