Chapter Seven


I was getting SO hungry. Where the hell were these waitresses? I heard a noise, so I looked up from my drink in time to see none other than Jason "the pecs" Behr walk out the door. What the hell? First I run into Nick, then Jason? This was really weird. Plus, why did the cafeteria look like The Crashdown? Where was the lunch lady? Oh well, I wasn't about to worry. I looked at my watch and freaked out.

"Oh my God! I'm gonna be late for class! Shit! ", I exclaimed, but not before giving Anil a quick kiss and Grabbing my stuff. "listen, I'd like to chat, but I'm gonna be late. My class is waay on the other side of campus, so I'd better get a move on. I got up, dragging Bart's arm and walked out of the door. Oh man. This wasn't gonna over well. Bart and I were in the advanced class. There was absolutely NO tolerance for lateness, excuses or weakness. This is one class I couldn't flirt my way out of.

As we were walking, I decided to mention last night's events to Bart. He may be a jackass, but he was my solute, and I knew I could trust him. "You will not believe what happened to me last night," I said, leaning in and whispering into his ear. I didn't want anyone to hear this. " Before I tell you, though, can I ask you something?" He nodded, motioning for me to continue. "Did you notice anything weird just now? Like a familiar face leaving the cafeteria?" he shook his head and I felt a wave of frustration wash over me. No one else saw Jason or Nick on Campus? This was squicking me in a major way.

"Look, I shouldn't be telling you this, but I spotted Nick Wechsler last night. I actually met "Kyle" from Roswell", I said, failing to mention the fact that I hooked up with him. I figured that was too much information. Bart may be my best bud, but even he wasn't that understanding. He was still my ex, after all. "Plus-Just now I saw Jason Behr trying to sneak out of the doors of the cafeteria." He shot me an skeptical look and I groaned. "Damnit, I'm not lying! I saw them! Nick and I hung out for a long-ass time last night, too! and I just saw Jason, OK? No one else has pecs so large they can legally be declared an independent nation." He laughed and I got angry, deciding to keep my mouth shut. Why didn't he believe me? Normally, I wouldn't give a shit, but this really hurt.

I walked ahead of him and walked into the only building that looked like a school. It looked unfamiliar as hell, so I showed the people in the main office my schedule. They looked confused, but said they'd call someone to help me out. I sat down and waited until suddenly, to my surprise, Katie Heigl walked in, wearing one of her Isabel outfits. Weird.

Just Then, Bart walked in and I made a hidden gesture, pointing to Katie. Maybe now he'd believe me. "Hi, thanks for showing me to my class. I had no idea you were in school," she looked at me like I was nuts, but held the door open for me. Part of me wanted to wait for Bart, but I was pissed at him. How could he not believe be?

As we walked, I decided to ask her some questions. "So when did you start school?" she looked at me funny and said she'd been going here for 3 years now. "Really? Wow, that's quite an accomplishment. Esp. when you consider how long it takes for filming and such. You must be doing independent study." She raised a brow, but kept silent. "Anyway, I just want you to know, I think you rock. I am a total fan," she looked embarrased, but smiled. " Seriously, I think you were the best actress on the show. I don't care what those mean gossip-mongers say, they're just haters. You're not an evil diva who plotted who screw everyone over. I believe in you."

Uh-oh, struck a nerve. She looked unnerved by what I said. " I only meant it as a compliment. I mean, you're not a bad person. Just because you have more screentime than Shiri doesn't mean you slept your way into the role, or used your relationship with Jason to get ahead. Seriously Katie, you rock. Am I allowed to call you Katie? Ms. Heigl sounds funny."

She looked freaked out, but nodded. We got to my class and I smiled at her. "Thanks a bunch. I really don't get why we have to take classes on the other end of campus. Plus, why do they keep changing the decor and structure of the buildings? I mean, it's very confusing."

I walked in and I saw none other than Colin and Nick. Holy shit! This was sooo cool. Maybe I had inadvertently signed up to go to a school lots of famous people go to. Oh well, may as well take advantage. I looked around and saw Emilie De Ravin and Majandra as well. Damn, this was so cool! I sauntered over to where poor Emilie was sitting alone. Once I got into my seat I flashed Nick a smile. How nice to run into him. maybe we'd go out again. That would rock. Colin looked pretty cute, too, so I smiled at him, too and winked. I know he doesn't like cynical, hipster types, but hey- I can always change his mind, right?

I looked at Emilie and grinned. It felt so cool, sitting next to her. Damn, she was hot. "Hey," I said, extending my hand. "I'm Risa and I gotta say, it finally rocks to meet you. You KICK ass. I am such a fan," she looked surprised, but she smiled and she introduced herself as Tess Harding. Ooook...I think she's finally lost it. I guess being unemployed for so long finally got to her. Roswell was all she really had to cling to.

Class was about to start, but then the teacher asked who I was and I was confused. Everyone on campus knew who I was. I was practically a legend. I was so popular, it hurt. Oh well, never mind. He was probably some sort of substitute teacher. I didn't recognize him,anyway.I looked him dead in the eye and decided to show him what's what.

"Yeah,ok. let's get something straight, Grad-boy. Just because you're so fresh off university I can see your diploma sticking out of your briefcase, isn't an excuse to be so ignorant. It's not my problem you've got years to go before you've got your tenure. You have SOME nerve, asking me who I am!" I sniffed and decided to throw my weight around. "You know... I know you boss. If you're this unprofessional next tim, i won't be so forgiving. I'll let it slide this time,since you're so CLEARLY a teacher's assistant." Everyone laughed, but the teacher wasn't very pleased with my actions. I handed him my schedule and he looked confused, but let me stay in his class. I looked at "Tess," and sighed. "Teachers assitants. They get stupider every fucking year", I mumbled. She laughed, and nodded in response.

I saw Bart slip in and wondered where he had been. I kinda felt bad for not waiting for him, but I was mad at him. He Looked shocked when he saw who I was sitting Next to. He looked even more shocked when he saw that the only other empty seat was next to Majandra. He sat down and Introduced himself. I tried not to smirk when he kissed her hand. It did strike me as odd, though, that she told him her name was "Maria" Ye gods, what was wrong with these people? He tried to wave at me, but I looked away. I wasn't talking to him til he admitted I was right and he was sorry for not believing me.


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