Chapter Six


At the back of the Crashdown, I've got a pretty good view of the rest of the Cafe. I was hoping that maybe Michael would show up, but I guess no go. He was probably sleeping in anyway, so that he could get up at the last minute possible for school.

The door opens with a crash and several people walk in, talking loudly. The resteraunt has been relatively silent thus far, and I'm so startled I practically jump a foot in the air.

I watch them with limited interest for a moment. I don't think I've ever seen them before, but they look like college students, so they're probably attending RCC, or one of the larger colleges in Roswell.

Then I realize I'm staring at the people who've just walked in. They don't seem to have noticed. They're still talking lively.

I hear my name mentioned as I'm about to avert my eyes. I immediately focus on them again. They obviously haven't spotted me, so I lean forward, trying to catch a bit more of their conversation.

Then the girl, the Indian one, pulls a drink out of her bag.... an changes it. There was simply no other word for it. First it was one soft drink... and then it was another.

My mind's racing. This cannot possible be skins, can they?

Jumping up so abruptly that the table jumps an inch and crashes to the floor with a soft thump, I get up and move to the door. So much for being subtle.

I move to the door.

Don't let them recognize me, please God.

Seconds later I'm in the Jeep peeling out of the parking space, but I'm feeling much calmer, taking deep breaths.

Disgusted with myself, I decide that I need to alert the others immediately. They'll be at school.

Trying to calm myself, I toy with the idea that they may be on our side.

I mean... after all...

Isabel is the only other alien I've seen change a substance.

That has to be it... that has to be it.

So why don't I believe it?


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