Chapter Five


I sighed and walked into this dinky restaurant which looked oddly like the Crashdown. I had no idea how I got here, but hopefully I’d get to run into Nick Weschler again. Damn he was hot. I mean, obviously whatever happened last night wasn’t a dream. He was a cutie and could possibly tell me the name of a good agency. I mean, it couldn’t all be for nothing, right? I quickly sat down at a table and looked around. Jesus, this place was deserted. What, was there a strike that I’m not aware of? ‘Cuz if there is, they’ve got to be the laziest strikers ever, period. After a few minutes, I felt a punch on my arm and looked up.

“ Hey Ben”, I said, sighing. I peered over at her, examining her condition. She seemed oddly happy. Wonder what she dreamed about. So...Did Rotwell suck last night, or what? God, that show is going to the dogs. I mean, Future Max? What a stupid fucking plot hole! That whole episode was chock full of Dreamer bullshit. I mean, he “needs” her to make him stop loving her?! Codependent much? Ugh! And all this for the frickin’ Lizbot 5000?! I mean she’s so dumb! All she does is look blank, cry, drone on and on about how Max is her bloody “soul mate” and how they “saw through each other’s eyes” I said, rolling my eyes as I mocked them. “ My name is Liz parker and Five days ago, I short-circuited. Then Pecs Evans re-booted me. Ever since then, my life has been different. For starters, I think he installed an anti-virus software program onto my system. I saw myself through his abnormally massive pectoral muscles and in his chest, I was an adequate and non-threatening substitute for his overwhelming desire to molest 8 years old boys and make love to his sister, who is more beautiful than I am and superior in every way. The world revolves around my lisp, and me so every five seconds, I think I’ll tell you how ’interstink” everythink is”.

I heard laughter and turned. Anil and Bart had arrived and they were holding their stomachs, they were laughing so hard. I looked over at Bennie, who was over on the floor laughing. I helped her up and bowed a few times. I smirked and looked around. There were some other people, esp. in the back of the restaurant. Where the hell where the waitresses? “ Waitress!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Who the hell did these losers think they were? We’re paying customers. Oh they’ll get a fucking tip all right. They’ll see what happens when they give me bad service. Ugh!

I sighed and smiled at Anil. He was cool. Still kind of a dork, but I liked him. He was Indian, like I was and I met him at a dinner party his aunt was throwing. We’d been dating out for a few months and I was enjoying his company. We had recently gotten engaged, which was good, because it kept me from thinking about Bart. He had a serious girlfriend and I had to let go. Truth be told, it was easier than I thought. He was a total jerk, so it was easy to vilify him. Him Bennie Anil and me were all part of the Starchildren program. We all had special abilities that made us different from other kids. We were the descendants of superior beings who landed here 50,000 years ago. We were human, but our ESP levels were above average. Some, like me, had levels off the chart. I think it was based on factors like genetics and emotions. Sometimes, we could travel through portals and wormholes. Time-travel was unsure and less safe, due to pending research and further testing. Bart was probably the next most powerful, but since he was so cold and so fanatical, I doubt his power was as raw and untapped as mine was. I ran on pure anger and hatred.

I didn’t know much about everyone else’s powers, but I knew this much: Bennie could fly, Anil had a bad radio receptor in his head and Bart could make any girl like him, even girls who thought he was an unmitigated ass.

“So, what did everyone else think of last night’s Roswell?” I asked, hoping to have time to think. I was tired of talking. I needed some water, or even juice. I sighed. Still no waitresses...


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