Chapter Three


Fuckers. That’s what they all are. Every last frickin’ one of ‘em. Well...‘cept maybe my princess. She gets what I‘m sayin‘. What the hell is with her roommate, anyway? Damn freaky deaky bitch. Thinks she’s all that. She’s just a brat who’s a lil’ wet behind the ears. Thinks she’s all that and then some. Screw her. Then of course, there’s Richie Rich. Treats my girl like crap, thinks he’s da man. He‘s nobody, he ain‘t got shit. I can’t get what she sees in him. He’s boring, he controls her and he’s always hard up over is dumb ex. She’s hot and all, but she ain’t got jack over my princess. Risa’s carrying a full deck and she’s stacked as hell. She’s a real lady and she knows what she wants. She’s not stupid and weak like her husband’s bitch. He thinks I don’t know. He’s s fucking idiot that’s what he is. Can’t get laid yet he has the nerve to judge those of us who can and do.

My head spun, filling with thoughts I couldn’t keep track of as I searched for Risa. I couldn’t believe her. This campus was so dangerous, especially for beautiful girls. God, if anyone knew, it was her. Wasn’t she afraid of being dragged into the bushes or hell even murdered? Lucky for her, she had a guardian angel in the form of yours truly. I walked over to a part I hadn’t gone to yet. It looked very unfamilar. It sorta bugged me, because I grew up on this campus, so it’s safe to say I knew the place.

I kept walking til I saw a place that looked just like the cliffs in Roswell. That REALLY freaked me out. I went up there anyway, hoping I’d find my friend. I didn’t, but what I found was even more amazing I actually found the granolith. The mother-fucking Granolith. I mean, wow. I just stared for a moment, trying to comprehend what was going on. I mean, was this very realistic dream, or was I in.?

Nah. Couldn’t be. This is all a weird dream. I’ll wake up, and Risa will probably be alseep on my shoulder. Her crazy friend Bennie will probably be humping her leg in her sleep, or trying to get Anil and me drunk, so we can fuck each other for her amusement. What a sick freak. That chick has issues. Anil will probably give me that whole speech about men “protecting what’s theirs” again. Fuck him. She’s my girl and I can talk to her whenever. I love that bitch ans she loves me. No one will take my best friend away from me, not even her dumb fucking husband to be. I noticed YOU’re not chasing after her, Anal Pressure.

I sighed, laying down on the floor and cloing my eyes. When I wake up, I’ll either a.) Be in a kick-ass dream where Katie, Majandra and Emilie are jumping up and down...on my lap, or b.) With my best friend safe and sound at home, resting on my shoulder.


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