Chapter Two


Bennie had a firm grasp on her Skyy Blue when she saw Bart had "borrowed" Risa's. Just because she was under age didn't mean that she didn't like to have a drink every once in a while. They all sat on the couch in their suite and Bennie did her Roswell dance. She didn't know what Ris had against her favourite addiction of all time, afterall... it was Roswell. 'It's just like her thing about Buffy and Spike... they are so hot together!' Bennie thought to herself and smiled innocently at the other two.

Bart wasn't her favourite person to be around as he usually said the most asinine things imaginable. As soon as Anil showed up and the drink conversation had finished up, Roswell started. When Roswell came on, her lips were sealed. She simply glared at the other three whenever they spoke or even attempted to. She was addicted to Roswell even though it all went to hell after EotW.

Anil was also not her choice pick of the litter. Cracking on Michael and then saying Alex needed drugs! After defending Alex, Bennie found herself listening to homophobic comments of another complete jackass. She blew up at Bart while Risa, as per usual, took up the position of Peace maker. She accepted his apology begrudgingly, but only for Ris, and they moved onto other topics of conversation. Before long, they'd all fallen asleep.

When she woke up Bart and Ris were already gone. She was at the end of the couch with Anil on the other side of her. She sighed in disgust and stood up. He could stay there and rot, even though he supposedly made her friend happy. Bennie knew Ris could do so much better, find a richie that she loved and loved her back. She decided to do what she did every morning, since she was used to being up this early, and went out for a walk. Bennie never really dressed up so the clothes she was wearing now were good enough for her morning walk.

She noticed that this wasn't usually where she walked but she just shrugged and kept walking. About two minutes later she got onto a Main street of some sort and saw the Crashdown. "Oh that is so cool! I wonder when they put that up..." She said to herself.She kept on walking and started getting freaked, she recognized the area but didn't know where she was or how to get hom. She went as sat on a bench in the park.

"Tess?" Some guy said as he came up from behind her. So what if she was wearing her hair curly today? As soon as he sat down next to her he apologized, "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were.... a friend of mine."

She grinned, "You're Colin Hanks, I love you!" She gave him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. He stared at her oddly before shrugging his shoulders. She probably had amnesia or was a new alien or something. Whatever..... he could deal with it.

"You want to come over and have some breakfast at my house?" he asked Bennie hoping she wouldn't try to kill him. The strange things always happened to him.....

She nodded and smiled as they stood and walked to his house which surprisingly enough, to Bennie, looked exactly like Alex Whitman's house. She found herself wondering when she's flown to Covina and Katims had resumed taping. She went inside and Alex made pancakes. She watched him and smiled, maybe it was better off that she was staying quiet.

"Not much of a talker, are you?" Alex asked her. Bennie shrugged and ate her pancakes. He poured her some orange juice and ate some pancakes, himself. After they were done eating, Bennie moved the dishes into the sink out of habit and sat out on the couch where Alex was already seated. "I've never seen you around before."

"But I see you all the time. Every Tuesday." She smiled. Alex felt that her smile was contagious and he broke out in a grin, as well. "I love it when you do that. You're my favourite, you know....." Again Alex was confused but he didn't show it, he just kept on smiling. He slipped his arm around her shoulder for a reason he couldn't grasp and she moved into him and they were practically cuddling.

"You're my favourite, too." He said. Now it was Bennie's turn to be confused. She grinned as a wicked idea plopped into her head, "Calm down, Al, I'm not Tess." If he wanted to role play, then so mote it be..... two can play at that game, Bennie concluded.

"What are you talking about? I don't even know your name...." Alex said quickly.

"My name is Bennie and you love Tess." She said, sitting up and looking pointedly at him. "You are in love with Tess Harding. Liz Parker and Michael Guerin will be wed and have tons of little hybrid babies. Though your attraction to Kyle isn't obvious, it is real." She started laughing as his face fell and he looked around worriedly.

"You not a..... not a...." Alex started.

Bennie didn't let him finish, "An alien? No!"

"I was going to say Psychic...." Alex ended.

Bennie nodded but added, "But not in this case. I just know." She smiled.

"You're pretty odd, Bennie. But you're also one of the coolest people I know." Alex smiled as he pulled her back into their snuggle only to have her come back up.

"You aren't comparing me to that stupid ho Isabel or that sexy psychotic Maria, are you?!?!?" Bennie said suddenly. Alex looked shocked and stuttered a 'no' in response. "That's good. I hate those crackpots. Even if they do have rather nice bods....." Bennie and Alex talked until they fell asleep on the couch together.


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