Chapter One


Risa left her dorm room, restless and dying for a Frappucino. She felt cheap and commercial going to Starbucks, but they were the only ones who had real Frappucinos. Besides, she had gotten used to being cheap and commercial. Not in the sense of easy, mind you. Lord knows she was paranoid about being "that" kind of girl. Today had been such an exhausting day. Her master had forced her to train twice as hard as she normally did. She understood why. Something big was going to go down in the upcoming months and he wanted his best sorceress up for the challenge.

Question is, did she even want to be part of the challenge? She was thrilled to finally have a purpose for her life. She liked using her powers and knowing she could have some control over her own life. She liked being accepted, and not seen as some sort of freak, or weirdo. She never really felt ill at ease around anyone anymore, except maybe Anil. He was the one thing in her life that was a perpetual source of angst and confusion. She never knew what to say or do around him and was under a lot of stress trying to fool him into buying that she was a virgin and that she was this perfect socialite who knew her p's and q's. She felt nauseous playing Martha homemaker when they went to office parties at the firm he worked for.

Thatís what I get for wanting to be rich and popular. She finally had the perfect life sheíd craved. She had a guy who was killing himself trying to get in her pants (or so it seemed), access to all his credit cards, connections off the hook, the modeling contacts she finally wanted and most of all, she was free from her parents and the life sheíd been stuck in for so long. Yeah, and all I had to do in return was give up my identity and trap myself in a loveless marriage.

He had come over to watch Roswell with her friends, which made her glad. They never spent any time together, unless it was to "make appearances". He was actually civil, and things went great. He and martin actually went the whole evening without glaring at each other silently, or making snide remarks. Even better, when she woke up, she realized she had been sleeping on his shoulders. Damn, we actually connected for once.

She looked around for a coffee shop and couldnít find any, not even a Starbucks. Risa was thoroughly confused. Why didn't they have a Starbucks? Starbucks was everywhere; no one could escape it. She was pissed off now. All she had wanted was to get some bloody coffee and be back before Anil and the others woke up. She was so lost in thought; she didnít even notice when she bumped into a handsome stranger. "Oh Shit!" She said, embarrassed. Great, just fucking great. Another reason why people assume I'm a ditz. "Hey listen, Iím really sorry. Itís been a long day; I wasnít paying attention and-"

Risa dropped her jaw, unable to finish her sentence. She couldnít fucking believe this. Of all the people...Jesus, he was even hotter in person than on Roswell. "íre Nick Weschler!!!!" She hugged him and started to freak out. "Oh wow, you rock my socks. You are *the* man. Wow...I love your stuff. You are so cool. Dayum...Itís an honor, man. Youíre even more adorable in person." He seemed confused at first, but his broad grin clearly meant he was glad to meet a fan.

"Hey, do you know any coffee shops around here? Iím dying for a Frappucino." He nodded and she smiled. This is the coolest moment ever. He is *so hot*. She walked with him and kept talking to him until they came to a coffee shop. They went in and she couldnít help but smirk. This place is a fucking dive. "Ummmmm...nice place you got here, Nick. It looks just like the Crashdown.". He looked at her funny, which Risa didnít get. What had she said?

They talked for the longest time and Risa found herself incredibly drawn to him. She even removed her engagement ring before he could see it. Heís so hot. I canít believe this. Heís amazing. Iím even able to not pay attention to this crap coffee.... "So Nick, do you have a girlfriend?" she asked. hoping that passed as pleasant chit-chat. She was very surprised when he said not yet, but soon perhaps. "Wow, seriously? Thatís so cool. Itís not anyone from the cast, right?" He raised an eyebrow at her and she felt strange again. What the hell do I keep saying to make him look so damn confused?

They walked outside and she was going to ask him another question, when it happened. She never, in a million years expected this, but *it* happened. she had no clue what to think. He kissed her softly on the lips, and damn if it wasnít the best kiss sheíd had in awhile. She knew she shouldnít have, but she kissed him back and after a few minutes of kissing, she pulled away. "Listen, I really like you. Youíre hot, youíre a great actor, and youíre funny, a great listener and all, but...-"

"Do you want to go back to my place?" he asked her, nibbling at her neck. She wanted to be proper and say no, I can't, my fiancee wants me to be a virgin, so I have to be celibate so he'll buy it. Oh hell, you only live once and most celebrities donít invite you to spend the night, anyway. Just do it, Ris. She smiled and looked up at him. "Sure, why not?"

They went back to his place and barely managed to make it through the doors. Camn, his house lookís just like Kyle's house. It was actually kind of creepy, but she was too giddy about the idea of her favorite Roswellian tearing off her clothes. When they finally got to his bedroom, he asked her if she was sure. "Is anyone ever sure?" she said, smirking. I hope he gets my joke. Hey... he likes it. Woo-Hoo!

After it was over, she put her head on his chest and looked at him. "Is it hard?" she asked. "Is what hard?" he said, looking confused as he ran his fingers in her hair. "What you do. It must be so lonely, not having time to ever meet anyone and always putting everything else but you first," she said, wondering if this was yet another confusing question.

He looked so happy when she asked him that, she wondered just how true the rumors about the cast of Roswell were. Not that she particularly gave a shit, she was hooked on Smallville. Give me Lex Luthor and Clark Kent over max and Michael any day. "It was just a question. Dayum. No need to get all cornball on me," she said, embarrassed at how big his smile was. He kissed her and said that yes, it was lonely, and she had no idea. What he did sucked more than anything in the world did. He began to talk about how he lost the girl he really liked, how he almost got killed, how he lost his dadís attention, how he had some alien move in with him, etc....

Hold it. Now heís just bullshitting me. heís ripping that off from Kyle's life. Oh my god. Iím going to *kill* him. Risa got up and glared at him. "You ripped that off from Roswell. You donít have an alien living with you, Kyle does. You never got shot, Kyle did. Why are you bullshitting me? I did watch the show, you know." He looked confused again and it made her shake her head. Why were all the really hot guys so clueless? Oh well. She liked him anyway and she was tired. she didnít feel like going home. She sure as hell didnít want to sleep with him again tonight, though. Whatís his problem? Why is he lying? He seemed so sincere when he said it, though...


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