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Roswell Fanfic Links

Guilty Pleasures Guilty, my ass! The fic's too good to have any guilt involved.

Roswell Underground Go here for all your CC foofy (and the occassional weepy songfic) needs. Plus, it's the home of the adorable Roswell Elementary series and the original Michael Clones.

Ficorama Elizabeth is a fanfiction goddess and this is, like, the greatest little archive ever. (how anything of mine ever ended up on it I don't know)

Roswellian Randomness: A UC 'Shippers Sanctuary Home of the Polar Novel and other cool stuff.

Ender's UC Roswell Fiction Site Another UC archive.

Strangers Under an Alien Sky An archive of Alternate Universe fics.

Roswell Slash Archive Home Page Self-explanatory. And if it's not, you might want to consult the fanfiction dictionary.

Dreamweaverz Lots of CC stories and others

Debbie's collection Archives some really great fic by various authors

Once Upon a Time A rather large archive with all types of Roswell fic

Rumors The (beautifully designed, I might add) home of Katjen's fic

Bennie's fanfiction Bennie. rocks. my. world.

Mere's Fucking Amazing Roswell Fic Yes, it is... and the slashy fanart's just lovely too

From Slayer to Killer Mala's awesome Buffy, Roswell, and Nikita fic

Triple M Mnemosyne's M&M... mmmmmm

Wake Up GAY! A spoofy all-fandom slash site

Roswell Virtual S3 An alternative to what's actually been going on since season two ended. This is a group effort with a new 'episode' every week, and it is entirely sad how much better it is than what the real writers are up to lately. In my opinion.

Roswellian Choice Awards Nominate and vote for your favorites!

Whirlycurly - home of Nehal's fic and others (not to mention fanart, a Majandra music site, and a forum)

General Roswell Sites

Roswell MP3s Where would my burned CD collection be without this site? Download nearly every single song played on Roswell. - Since Roswell MP3s stopped updated somewhere mid-season 3, you can get all later MP3s in the music section of this Max/Liz site.

Fanforum Home of the infamous two Roswell boards.

Television Without Pity Home of the even more infamous Roswell board and Djb's super snarky recaps. (formerly MIGHTY BIG TV)

Power Star Merchandise - any and all "Roswell" merchandise can be bought here Up-to-date news, images, transcripts, etc.

Silverhandprint I admit it, guys, I love the official site. See the Congresswoman's diary, the completed 285 South surveys, Ava's collages, etc. Plus Quicktime interviews with the characters. Transcripts, screencaps, news, et. al. "When good gurls go fan." Hee.

The Roswell CHADs Page a great and funny list of all the Continuity Holes and Annoying Discrepencies that have plagued the show

We Love Tess Don't you?

William Sadler - Wild on the Web His official site. Don't forget to visit the Bill Board.

Roswell-High The first Roswell fan site (started the August before the show aired) Pretty cool news, media, etc.

The Rebel Alliance All things Max/Tess shippy. Mmmmm.

Memories of You Another gorgeous Max/Tess site.

7 Deadly Sims Downloadable additions to "The Sims" computer game. The Full Cast Of Roswell Sims are now available in the "Envy" section.

Majandra Music The incredible official site for Majandra Delfino's CD.

Flip Profyle's Wallpapers Sweet downloadable wallpapers.

Images of Roswell Large and fantastic collection of graphics, wallpapers, etc.

Manipulate This! More great wallpaper and graphics, manipulated by the best.

Roswellian Dreaming Kyrie's pretty fanart

Roswell Media Lots of promos, interviews and stuff to download.

Roswellian Hellmouth Roswell and Buffy episode downloads! Plus some cool music video/montages.

Cutting Room Floor Collection of cut scenes from season one Roswell scripts.

RachelBrightEyes' Spoiler Compilation - A comprehensive, reliable, and unbiased update on Roswell spoilers

Roswell Big Brother What happens when the characters are filmed under one roof? Part fanfiction, part interactive game...

Nick Wechsler Research Institute Where the Nickologists are working round the clock to better understand his glory

The Roswell Beauty Divas Dedicated to the clothes those fashion goddesses of Roswell have worn. Learn it, live it, love it.

Forgotten Princess A site dedicated to the memory of Pre-Departure Tess.

RATDG (Roswell's Alienated Terrestrial Dweller's Gathering) - Oh my stars, this is the funniest site I've seen in a long time. The main attraction is the regularly updated episode guide, which features Alex's running commentary, the moral of each story, and per-episode counters from "trampy outfits" to "microseconds before Liz lost her backbone"

Wicked Game A rockin' Kyle/Tess site!

ATMAK: Addicted to Michael and Kyle They're funny. They're sexy. Who doesn't love them?

Catfighters' Cuddle Corner A small but appreciated page for Liz/Tess fans, with slashy fanart and song lyrics.

I The Stud A very cool tribute to Alex

Down in the Flames - Nice Roswell e-cards and wallpaper.

Roswell Link Directory What? My links aren't good enough for you? Well, GO! Go ahead and LEAVE! (bursts into tears)

These Friends Of Mine

Jennifer's Dark Angel Page Home of her cool Dark Angel fanfic. Tit for tat, sweetie. :)

Angelspook Bridget is a little grey rain cloud.

DuJournals Jessica and Sindy's diaries. Currently in my walkman.

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Guilty Pleasures, Where it's all good.


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