Roswell Fanfiction by Nicole Anell

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The Roswell Musical - exactly what it sounds like

Black - post-mortem Nasedo angst

285 To Nowhere - a foofy Alex-Tess story, of the road trip -> dialogue -> bonding kind

Stream of Consciousness - tag to "It's Too Late and It's Too Bad", a poem of what was going through Max's and Tess's heads

Memorex - a Kyle POV after "Departure"

The End of the Continuity - a spoof for anyone who's a little annoyed with the less-than-solid mythology of Our Show. Maybe Future Tess can set things right.

Stopping By Threads on a Screwy Evening - a silly little poem dedicated to Fan Forum, the finale, and Robert Frost

World of Fiction (An Afterward) - it's a Maria POV and it's a tag to Departure, but it's a little more complicated than that.

The Greatest Stories Never Told - a series of UC Alex/Tess thingys (yes, finale and all) based on a challenge from Selkie deRavine...
Part 1-3 | Part 4-6 | Part 7-9 | Part 10-12

The Evil Within - a writing experiment of mine wherein Kyle goes to dark side

Channeling (Last Dance with Mary Jane) - so people made jokes about Tess possessing Liz's body, and I had this idea where she possesses Max instead, and I wrote this.

Auld Lang Syne - Kyle watches the year change

2:30 AM - Tess hangs out in Kyle's room. spoiler-based from 'Four Aliens and a Baby'

And I Think To Myself... - what happens when I decide to embrace total denial and write Tess/Alex pregnancy foof

Outline For The Best Roswell Ending Ever! - what I would do if I ran the show ;)

The Roswell Musical: Act Two - (unfinished) Season two. Six new songs. Sing along.

E! True Covina Stories - a short parody of the behind-the-scenes "scandals" of Roswell.


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