actorfic: fic about the actors, as opposed to the characters they play
alt ending: an alternate ending to an episode
angst: antonym for foof, a dark story about a character's emotional suffering (adjective is angsty)
AU: stands for Alternate Universe - a fic that takes place in one (e.g. Max never healed Liz, the humans + aliens are reversed, the entire story is set in a fairy tale, Michael was adopted, etc.)
backstory: a prequel fic that takes place either in the character's adventures before the pilot, or on the home planet
badfic: just what it sounds like, a fic that (intentionally or unintentionally) is just plain bad
BDSM: bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, stuff that may ick you
Beta: proof-reading by someone else (the one who does this is a Beta-reader; a proof-read story is Beta'd)
bondage: also a completely harmless term for bonding between two characters
CC: short for Conventional Couple - Max + Liz, Michael + Maria, Alex + Isabel (and sometimes Kyle + Tess)
canon: the text of the show, and what we know about the characters and situations unseen
challenge: a story based on someone else's open idea, they sort of "challenge" other authors to write, say, an AU fic where the characters are all mermaids :)
crossover: two shows, movies, or other fictional works mixed (e.g. Roswell/Buffy or Roswell/X-Men)
deathfic: fic involving a main character's death
D/s: stands for Dominance/submission (see "hardcore")
dupefic: fanfic about any or all the dupes of Roswell fame - Zan, Rath, Lonnie, Ava
femslash: romantic or erotic story about two female characters
ff: see "femslash"
ficlet: a short fic
filk: well-known songs, with lyrics altered to fit the show
foof: harmless, happy, humorous stories (esp. CC ones), love and bonding between characters (adjective is foofy)
futurefic: a fanfic that takes place several years into the future
gen: short for general, may denote non-NC17
hardcore: involves something readers may find, like, really incredibly offensive (e.g. rape, incest, necrophilia)
het: short for heterosexual (as in het UC, het smut, het foof)
lost scene: see "missing scene"
M/M: Michael/Maria (this is the only character abbreviation I'm including, just so you don't confuse it with mm)
Mary Sue: a character invented by the author, the connotation is that this is a disguised or overly glorified version of the author him- or herself
missing scene: something that may have happened during an episode, but wasn't shown
mm: male-male slash
next generation: futurefic about the children of Roswellians
non-con: contains non-consensual sex (see "hardcore")
post-ep: same as "tag"
POV: character Point Of View, written in first person (or third person, but focusing on one character's thoughts and feelings)
PWP: either stands for Plot? What Plot? or Porn Without Plot - either way it means the same thing
round robin: a fic continued by various authors
RPS: a subgenre of actorfic - stands for Real Person Slash
series: a group of interconnected fics
slash: romantic or erotic stories involving characters of the same sex, esp. two males
smut: NC-17 naughtiness
songfic: a fic interspersed with song lyrics
tag: a fic that takes place directly after a particular episode
UC: stands for Unconventional Couple, any romantic pairing not between Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, or Isabel/Alex
ust: stands for Unresolved Sexual Tension, in het or slash
xover: see "crossover"


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