My Thank Yous

To Mom, who says she thinks I'm a genius, even though I'm clearly just a garden-variety wacko.

To Ellen, for the "hell?" faces, the sound effects, and actually pointing out when something makes no sense.

To Gina, for that one story she didn't understand and teased me about, but read anyway.

To Brigitte, for making me feel normal by comparison. And may she now be able to see the font!

To Crazy Cindy, for making me feel incredibly normal by comparison. And for finally learning how to pronounce my last name, although she still has to work on "Behr" and "Fehr".

To Sane Cindy, Sarita, Jenny, Maria, and all my other cafeteria-mates who didn't run for the hills screaming when they sooo should have!

To Claire, who never watched a minute of "Roswell", but is still enthusiastic.

And finally...
To Dad, for reminding me it's only a TV show... and for agreeing that sometimes it's "fuck" or no word at all!

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