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Want to learn more about horses? Pick a couple of these titles.

Horses: Riding and Training

101 Arena Exercises Cherry HillThis one isn't meant for reading in front of the fire; this book is meant to be draped over the rail. Outstanding instructor's book with helpful exercises for all levels of horse and rider. Appropriate for all disciplines.cover
101 Longeing and Longlining Exercises Cherry Hill
Richard Klimesh
The companion book to 101 Arena Exercises, meant for schooling horses on the ground.cover
Anne Kursinski's Riding and Jumping Clinic Anne KursinskiAn outstanding book for the huntseat rider from a USET member. A well written and well organized book which will actually help you become a better rider. Very highly recommended.cover
Basic Training of the Young Horse Reiner KlimkeSimply a classic on the subject by a master.cover
Breaking and Training the Driving HorseDoris L. GantonThe guide to training driving horses. An absolute essential. cover
Centered Riding Sally Swift This will either be the most helpful book you've ever read, or the most useless book you've ever read. If creative imagery helps you learn physical skills, buy this book. If you think that sounds corny, leave it alone and buy Anne Kursinski or George Morris. It is a good read for instructors, regardless, since those who teach should study how others think and learn.cover
Common Sense Dressage Sally O'Connor One of the best books on dressage. Everyone will learn something, but relative beginners won't be left in the dust either. Highly recommended.cover
C.W. Anderson's Complete Book of Horses and Horsemanship C.W. AndersonThis is just too much of a classic to leave out, despite the limited availability.cover
Dressage From All Angles Barry Marshall I really liked the organization of this book, which makes it ideal for both riders and fans of the sport. If you are having difficulity with a particular exercise, open to that chapter. If you are watching the Olympics and want more understanding of a particular movement, you can read the same chapter from the judges perspective. Probably my favorite dressage book.cover
Hunter Seat Equitation George Morris The classic guide to equitation and hunter style showing by the master. This book and Anne Kursinski's above make ideal companion volumes.cover
Lyons on Horses John Lyons Solid training and riding advice from a master of marketing. He wasn't the first to do what he does, but he brought these methods into the spotlight.cover
Practical Eventing Sally O'Connor Full of practical advice to those new to the sport of eventing, and quite a bit to help those who have been around a while as well. cover
Reining Al DunningMy personal favorite of all western performance books. I loved the practical advice, the very useful and well explained training methods, the personal stories, and the history. Al Dunning is one of my personal heroes.cover
Training and Showing the Cutting Horse Lynn H. Campion The best book available on the subject.cover